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Documenting the raw & real moments, capturing your authentic love.

While in the moment it may seem undeniably difficult to wrangle up the family, get everyone dressed & ready to go, you won’t regret it- I promise. Heck, if you’re like me, you’ll chuckle thinking about those tiny moments of chaos after the fact! Come as you are. Don’t sweat the small stuff or worry about if your littles get messy. Let your kids be wild & free. Let your hair down & let’s have fun! The photos that will mean the most to you 5 years from now are the ones that leave you feeling like you’re right back there, in that exact moment.

Hi, I'm Erin -
Wife, Mother
& Photographer

In this chaotic, fast-paced & wildly busy world, I understand how important every second can be and I’m seriously thankful you choose to be here. I’ve been a photographer for fifteen years, with a focus on documenting families for 7 years. I’m a mama to 4 littles who keep me on my toes but also have me in stitches every. single. day (never a dull or quiet moment in this house with the number of us!). I am a dog mama to 2 golden retrievers, and I’m married to my best friend, partner, and biggest supporter. Together we’ve created our very own version of an incredible life. 

Photos are so important to me- not just because I am a photographer. They tell a story… of our past, who we are, where we came from. They are what we leave behind for future generations long after we cherished them ourselves. 

My passion for family photography grew as soon as I had my first child, I realized how much capturing little moments of her every day meant to me. Maybe one day she would love going through her childhood photos as much as I had going through my own younger family years. 

I’m a creative spirit who’s always down for sunset chasing, unexpected adventures, singing loudly in the car with the windows down, and making the simple moments so meaningful. You can find me happily snuggled up at home on most nights (self-proclaimed homebody over here) and likely up way past my bedtime working on another project with my 4-legged buddies never too far away. I’m an extroverted introvert and I love nothing more than having deep conversations, with a steaming hot mug of jasmine tea or a glass of wine in hand.  

documenting young families at their different stages is the greatest honour 

The understanding that these photos are a glimpse into your family’s history and will be cherished for years to come is a truly inspiring feeling. It is so much more than an hour and a collection of photos. Your session represents your own individual family dynamic, a very private and intimate collection of moments that show your family in a specific season. 

My Mission

As a natural-light photographer, my focus is to tell your story & document you as you are in this moment in time. Whether you're a family of 2 or 6 (or maybe more!), I am here to make you feel comfortable, cheer you on, and truly capture you as you are and with the ones who matter most to you.






It is extremely important to me that every family member feels seen, heard, and recognized throughout our time together. My goal is to capture you all together, as you are, as your most genuine self. 

I respect and encourage diversity, welcoming differences in family unit, age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. 






Even if you’re a self-proclaimed avid family photo day “dreader”(you’re not alone btw) together, we’ll make the day super fun and stress free. I’m dedicated to helping you and your whole family relax, have fun, and capture your authentic energy. I’m happy to offer some of my favourite methods to help you all feel your absolute best through our session.  





Unforgettable photos that start with the smallest moments 

It’s the small moments that matter. The ones we wish we could hold onto for just a little longer. Regardless of the size of your session, you’ll find me always looking for the little moments in-between.


It’s not necessarily something that immediately comes to people's minds when picking their photographer but there is a huge level of trust that is crucial to capturing the most genuine moments. I find building that trust is comparable to creating a friendship & that is what I want you to walk away feeling. To know, I am here for you, not just to photograph you and your family, but to help you feel confident in your own skin and in front of the camera.






Words aren’t enough to express how amazing Erin is. Her capture is absolutely stunning, conveying the beauty of the nuanced in-between moments so perfectly. She has an eye for detail and has a way to make you feel so comfortable in your skin and in front of the camera. I cannot say enough good things about her. Beyond her amazing photography, her warmth and ease impacted my journey through motherhood. After a dramatic first birth, she entered the room and instantly brought a sense of calming reassurance unlike any other - it shifted my whole world. She has become such an integral piece of our life story, I can’t imagine our big moments in time without her now being part of it. Professionalism paired with such incredible talent, Erin is absolutely amazing and I’m so grateful to have found her.

- Kelsey K. 

Erin’s photography will leave you both speechless and emotional. She magically captures treasured moments in such a beautiful and raw way. The process is very organic, relaxing and fun. I really like that Erin is willing to help decide on location and outfits for those of us who just want one nice family photo and don’t really know how to achieve that haha. The end result has always been absolutely stunning. We now have gorgeous family photographs that we’ll treasure for a lifetime.

- Jenna M.

Erin listens to what you are looking for and delivers on the location. She’s fun and creative during the shoot and makes it so easy and natural. She has a special way with kids that allows them to be comfortable and in turn can capture their personality so well. 

I cannot say enough good things about Erin as a person and a photographer. 

- Jena S.

Erin made family photo day (a day I normally dread) super fun and stress free. Erin has a special way for making people feel relaxed, it’s just easy with her. I think this is how she captures so many beautiful natural moments. 

I am forever grateful for the stunning family photos we have framed throughout our house and I would highly recommend this talented photographer to anyone. 

- Heather s.

Hiring Erin to capture some of our families most special moments was the best decision!

She instantly became family to us. Her skills and dedication to capture beautiful pictures are amazing, even with unwilling cranky kids. Her loyalty is so genuine. Even when my birth plan went to pot, she was there beside me the whole time, in the ER to help welcome my twins. As a scared new mom, I will forever be thankful for her kindness. We will treasure all her photos and memories for life! 

- amanda k.

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